How To Article: How to write one

How To Article How to write one

What is a How To article?

A How To article is about explaining the process of doing some task. If written properly, the reader will follow your instructions step by step and will be able to complete that particular task. It is a tutorial on how to do something. And with the following 7 steps, you can write a How To article of your own:

1. What To Write About

First and foremost, you need to decide what you want to write about. It can be anything from a household task to some internet wizardry. The possibilities are endless which kind of makes it difficult at times to choose a specific topic for your article. It is better to stick with the things you know about or have expertise in. Narrow down the fields and without overthinking, just finalize a topic.

2. Will It Help People

Once you have finalized the topic, do take a minute to assess if this How To article will actually help people. For example, if you decide to write an article about MSN Messenger, you might not have an audience for it because it is a redundant piece of software. You don’t want to waste your time writing an article that no one will read.

3. Do Some Research

After deciding the topic and assessing its potential demand, you need to put your thinking cap on and start doing some research about it. You wouldn’t want to write something which might contradict with the actual facts. So even if you know a lot about the topic, it is better to do some research. Who knows you might find some great idea which would set your article apart.

4. Make It Specific

This is a point which can’t be emphasized enough. A How To article has to be very specific in nature. Your reader is reading your article to learn the thing that you have mentioned in the title. If you stray from that topic, you’ll most probably lose the interest of the reader. Make sure your article stays relevant to your title from start till finish.

5. Create An Outline

So you have followed the steps mentioned above, now it is time to create an outline for your article. There is usually an introduction, the main body and a conclusion. Introduction and conclusion are not necessary for a How To article. It’s the main body that matters. It is ideal to divide your main body into appropriate parts in a sequence.

6. Write Clear Steps

Now that you have created an outline, you need to arrange your content in clear steps. A sequence is a must and merging too many steps into one is not a good idea. The goal is that the reader would understand what your article is about even in a glimpse.

7. Add Some Images

Finally, after writing the article, it is best to add some photos in it to complement your content. Visual aid is very useful in helping your reader to understand what you are trying to explain. Choose your images carefully, make sure they are not copyrighted images.

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