How To Identify Depression

Depression is a rather common term used in everyday life by all of us in order to indicate sadness, restlessness, a feeling of being alone and everyday setbacks but in fact, depression is rather a serious mental condition which can debilitate and hamper an individual. So it is important to identify depression in a person.

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Here are a few signs which make it easier to identify depression:

1. Depressed State

Depressed/sad most time of the day and would be tearful when talked to. There is a feeling of being down and empty.

2. Loss of interest and Pleasure

There is a loss of interest and pleasure. Any activity would no longer feel interesting and does not give happiness and fulfilment. Moreover, there is an inability to concentrate on almost anything.

3. Agitated or lethargic 

It is difficult to get out of bed and you will feel lethargic and fatigued while others can clearly observe you being slow, bed-bound and restless.

4. Worthlessness and guilt

There is inappropriate guilt over certain things and may also feel resentful. Moreover, a feeling of being worthless while talking about people, relations, society and life is common.

5. Weight gain or loss

Physically, eating very little or a lot, there is weight gain or weight loss. This eating disorder usually accompanies the other signs and symptoms of depression.

6. Sleep Disturbance

Depression usually causes a disturbance in sleep. Either, there is a loss of sleep or excessive sleep which impairs their daily functioning.

7. Suicidal Ideation 

Life feels not worth living so there are suicidal thoughts or plans to end life and even an attempt to commit suicide.

8. Impaired Functioning

Depression greatly hampers the personal, social and occupational life of an individual.

Always remember, we all have breakdowns in life, we feel depressed, sad, lonely and hopeless but for very little time and we usually come out of it on our own. That’s life. However, in the case of depression, a person remains in the same state and minimally shows five or more of the symptoms mentioned above and is unable to cope with it. If these signs persist for more than two weeks, the person needs the help of mental health professional. You can save a life, be there for a depressed individual. Many lives around us cut short as we merely can’t identify what a person is going through.

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