5 Tips to Increase Productivity at Work

Increasing your productivity is something that can make your job easier and more enjoyable. It doesn’t matter if you have the job of your dreams or you are just sticking with your current job because there are no other opportunities available. Making some effort to become more productive will help in the short and long the run. For this purpose, I have compiled a list of tips to increase productivity at work. So here we go!

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1. Innovate and Personalize

The word of advice is usually to adapt and learn according to the system and environment of your workplace. It is a great piece of advice indeed but what I consider more valuable is to have a natural desire to innovate and to personalize. I have observed (and have experienced it myself) that a large number of people who are not content with their jobs are usually the ones that are caught in a vicious cycle of boring routine.

Now, do not be intimidated by the concept of innovation. I am not suggesting that you invent a new type of rocket or discover a new source of energy (unless it’s your job – Good luck with that! I can barely make Paper Planes). All you need to do is to look for innovative and personalized ways to do your simple everyday tasks. There is always room to do things your way while still following the rules and regulations of your organization.

You must have noticed how a person finds amazing ways to achieve his goal when he is really passionate and excited about it. A person who enjoys his work is usually bubbling with great, innovative ideas.

I think even mimicking this attitude and behaviour can be helpful too. When you start thinking of such ideas and create an environment for yourself that is according to your liking, you will gain a sense of greater involvement in your job. This feeling will become a source of motivation for you, and you are likely to become more productive. At the same time, you will notice that the work has become more enjoyable and easier.

I have included personalization in this tip because you will need a suitable environment to feel comfortable enough to have those great ideas.

Some Examples:

– If you perform repetitive tasks on a regular basis, go ahead and create some templates that could make the task easier.

– If you are allowed to move your office furniture around, or if you can get the stationery of your choice, don’t hesitate. It will add to your comfort.

– If you have found an app on your smartphone that can automate a task or a part of it, try it.

There can be many such examples. Now it is up to you to figure out what you would like to do and how. The only word of precaution here is to stay focused on your goal. Make sure your idea actually aids you in achieving your goals at work. At least, in your mind, it should. Failure is always a possibility during experimentation but, according to your theory, there should be some genuine benefit in it for you. Even if you fail, you might begin to respect the fact that the current system employed by your organization is well thought out.

2. Divide and Rule

This is a sly phrase used mostly in a negative sense. The idea isn’t to divide your colleagues and rule over them (if you can, you must be a genius! Though a rather evil one. Let us not tread down that path at the moment.)

We are going to use this phrase in a very positive sense to increase productivity by dividing and breaking down our job and its goals into smaller and simpler tasks. The reason is obvious; it is natural to get intimidated or overwhelmed by a bigger goal. By dividing your goal into smaller parts and assorting those parts carefully according to your schedule, you’ll reap following benefits to name a few:

– The tasks will seem easier.

– You’ll understand the priority of each task better.

– Will be able to create and show better reports of your progress.

– You will utilize your time more efficiently.

– Sometimes, it is difficult to know where to begin. This will get you started.

I can go on and on with such benefits but I’ll sum it up with an analogy. Have you ever noticed how we grow? We take in food and our body naturally starts breaking it down into smaller chunks. The teeth bite and grind the food. The acids and enzymes further break it down into yet smaller chunks. In the end, the food becomes a part of our body at the cellular level. So, in order to grow in your career, you must learn to break down your tasks wherever and whenever possible. It is the ultimate secret to becoming more productive.

3. Learn and Earn

As the name suggests, this one is pretty straightforward. Growth and productivity can be hindered if we don’t update our knowledge and skills. Some of us are not learning new things because we are already earning enough. Some of us are still stuck in the struggling phase of our career. Nonetheless, we are being less productive by not learning new things related to our field.

So don’t be lazy! Go ahead and take that short course that you know you need to take. Stop listening to that ‘Lazy Voice’ in your head; it is taking away your precious productivity and, most probably, your chances of excelling in your career. You’ll definitely earn more in the long run by honing your skills and keeping your knowledge up-to-date.

There are such skills that might not be directly related to your job, but will definitely make you a better worker and increase your productivity. The best example of such skills is communication skills. I have previously written an article on improving your communication skills. Feel free to check it out.

4. Help and Volunteer

This tip is rather an indirect way of increasing your productivity. When we are at work, we are often requested for help from our colleagues and employers. And sometimes such tasks come up which are not exactly our responsibility but we have the option to perform them voluntarily to help our company. There are a lot of benefits of doing such acts of courtesy. Following are some of the major advantages:

– You might learn something new that could come in handy in the future.

– You will become more valuable in the eyes of your employer. This sense of value will give you confidence.

– By performing different tasks, you will get a better understanding of your company and its system.

– Even if the task is similar to that of yours, you will still be getting practice.

So go ahead and help others out. You might actually be helping yourself in the process.

5. Discipline and Routine

We all know the importance of discipline and routine. So I’ll jump right into some important benefits:

– Hard work combined with discipline and regular routine is an invincible combination.

– Even if you are a genius, you’ll only be able to implement those genius ideas if you have some sort of routine.

– It is also related to the 2nd tip. Your job will become easier if you allocate proper time for the broken down tasks and goals.

– You will stay up-to-date with the matters within and outside your company. This awareness will help increase your productivity.

– You will be considered a more reliable worker. This reliability will get you more opportunities.

With these 5 tips, you can increase your productivity and excel at work.


I have mentioned things that can help make your job easier and can increase your productivity, but there are certain things that decrease your productivity and thus make your job difficult in the long run. Here are a few examples:

– Use of social media and smartphones can be a huge waste of your valuable time at work. Unless you work as a social media expert for your company, just avoid these distractions at all costs. Avoid procrastination.

– Stay in the present. We all have problems in life but the key is to be able to focus on the task at hand.

– Don’t ignore what you know you must do. Don’t let the problems chase you like hounds; chase your problems and hunt them down one by one. Be a hunter, not a prey.

Honourable Mention

For some of us, this is a very important thing for increasing our productivity.


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