How to Build Relationships when Working Alone

In this article, we will discuss how we can build relationships when working alone. Many of us work from home or run a business on our own. In a traditional work environment, people have an office where colleagues, clients and suppliers interact with one another in person. However, this is not the case when you work remotely. In such cases, it can be a challenge to socialize and build solid business relationships.

Therefore, if you are thinking about how you can improve professional relationships when you work remotely, either at home or from abroad, here are some suggestions.

How to build relationships
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6 Suggestions for Building Relationships When You Work Remotely

1. Regular Voice Calls

Apart from written communication, it is also very important to talk to people over voice calls. Voice calls can be over the phone or through some app. It gives the relationship a personal touch and people start to recognize your voice and tone. This recognition can help develop relationships.

2. Send personal emails

Written communication has many benefits. The sender and receiver can keep records of their correspondence and people can reread the emails to understand the message better.

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While writing emails, we can add a personal touch to it depending on whom you are writing to. At some point, the other person will reciprocate your style and the relationship can flourish as a result.

Simple things like asking about their health, their families, some events or their business circumstances can give that personal touch to your emails.

3. Odd Video Calls

If your client or colleagues are away or in another country, video calls can fill in the gap of personal meetings. Voice calls are great but whenever you get a chance, it is better to have a voice call.

You cannot only listen to the tone of the other person; you can also see their facial expressions. These little things can give you cues to communicate better. Moreover, with better communication, your overall relationship will improve.

4. Share Updates on Social Media

Sometimes, it is not appropriate to actually contact someone and tell them about a certain thing. In such situations, you can post that update on social media and the interested person will find it. In this way, you will not disturb the other person and still share the updates with them.

Social media is also helpful in staying in touch with all your contacts at once. You don’t actually engage anyone directly and share your news with them indirectly. Social media is indeed very important for building relationships.

5. Keep Track of Your Calendar

When you are looking to build relationships, it is very helpful to keep notes of special events related to your contacts. Birthdays are the best example of the sort of information you can keep track of.

With modern calendar apps, you can set reminders and create to-do lists. These are quite important, as we cannot remember everything on our own.

On a special event, you can send your contact a letter or gift by courier. It will surely develop your relationship with them.

6. Care, Honesty and Commitment

Lastly, let us come down to the basics. These words are quite self-explanatory. So let’s sum them up in 3 sentences:

– If you care about people, your relationships will grow.
– If you are honest with people, they will trust you more and thus your relationship will flourish.
– If you fulfil your commitments made with people, they will consider you reliable and will keep connecting with you.

In today’s world, this is how you can build relationships when working alone.

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