How to Improve your LinkedIn Profile

In this article, we will discuss how to improve your LinkedIn profile. The tips mentioned in this article will help you make your LinkedIn profile more eye-catching. This will help you find and avail more opportunities in your business and career.

LinkedIn is a specialized social network for professionals around the world. It is a network preferred by recruiters, companies, HR professionals and many others. You can build a network of connections in your relevant field and can promote your company or brand. It is a very useful platform for finding clients and new jobs.

In order to utilize this amazing social network to the fullest, you need to have a Rockstar profile. So, without further ado, let us discuss some tips to make your LinkedIn profile more prominent.

How to Improve your LinkedIn Profile
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Here are 15 tips to improve your LinkedIn profile

1. Use a professional photo

Avoid fancy photos that you might be using on other social media. Take a professional photo, preferably a headshot of you wearing formal clothing. You want your profile and cover photos to look as professional as possible.

2. Insert keywords in your profile

Keywords are unique words that you expect people to use while searching. Make sure that your profile has keywords related to your expertise and field.

You can insert these keywords in the title of your profile and in the headline. An example of a keyword would be ‘Marketing Manager’. So, whoever searches for a marketing manager, your name will appear in their search.

3. Come up with an eye-catching headline

The headline is a short piece of text that appears just below your name on your profile. You can edit this text to make it eye-catching for the viewer.

You should insert the keyword in your headline. Make sure there are no typos in the text. Keep it short and to the point; a summary of who you are as a professional.

4. Write an authentic summary

Below the headline, there is an option to write a summary about yourself. Edit this option to personalize it.

Just like the headline, you should insert the keywords in your summary. Typos and grammatical mistakes should be avoided. Unlike the headline, you can write a longer summary here.

The ideal things to feature in your summary are your achievement, experience, and qualification. Make sure to keep this text professional sounding and truthful. Fake information will not get you far.

5. Personalize your URL

When you create a profile on LinkedIn, the system allocates a URL to you which is a random combination of alphabets, numbers, and characters. You can personalize this URL by going to the ‘Edit Profile’ option. The ideal URL would be your first name and last name separated by – sign.

This little personalization will make your profile look more professional and easier to remember.

6. Highlight your web presence

If you have a website, social media page or blog, it is ideal to highlight it on your LinkedIn profile. It will give your viewers an idea of your work and abilities.

This will give your profile more credibility by showing your presence at multiple places.

7. Upload interactive media

To make your profile more interesting, LinkedIn has an option to add interactive media to your profile. This media may be videos, infographics, etc. Make sure the content is relevant to your overall profile and it should help people know you better. This will greatly improve your LinkedIn profile.

How to Improve your LinkedIn Profile
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8. Update your complete contact details

People can contact you through LinkedIn messages but it is still very useful to have your contact details mentioned on the profile. You should consider adding your email address and contact number.

Profiles without contact details seem rather fake. By adding these details, you reassure people that it is a genuine account.

9. Get endorsements & recommendations

Your LinkedIn profile will have two very important sections: Skills & Endorsements and Recommendations.

In these sections, you can get your skills endorsed by your connections and can get recommended by them. Naturally, this brings authenticity to your profile, and the viewer develops trust and confidence in you.

Endorsements and recommendations come from people you have worked with, so make sure to connect with them.

10. Post professional content

Like other social networks, LinkedIn allows you to update posts. These posts can be about some news, research or tutorials. Make sure that you post professional content as LinkedIn users highly discourage and dislike the kind of casual posts that people usually post on Facebook or Twitter.

By posting useful content, you will not only make your profile more interesting but will also attract the attention of like-minded people.

11. Connect with other people

You should always be looking to connect with the relevant people in your field. Apart from other benefits, you will gain mutual connections with influential people. They are most likely to connect with you when they see these mutual connections.

When you have people in your connections, they see your updates and posts. In this way, they are more likely to contact you at some point.

Also, by staying in touch with people in your field, you will stay updated with the latest updates and developments.

12. Stay active in groups

Much like other popular social networks, LinkedIn also has groups that you can create or join. By participating in the groups, you can reach people outside your connections. It is a great way to expose yourself to new opportunities.

People can see which groups you have joined. So, joining relevant groups adds more credibility to your profile.

13. Keep your profile up-to-date

In order to appear in relevant searches and to apply for related jobs, you need to keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date. Always update your previous and current jobs, your complete skill set, your education and volunteering work on your profile.

14. Critically review your profile

You should review your profile for:

  • Updates
  • Errors
  • Unwanted content

Remember, your profile is what your connections see. Mistakes and out-of-date information will drive them away.

15. Write some articles

This is an advanced tip but having articles in the portfolio of your profile is a great way of attracting attention. It shows your authority over the subjects relevant to your field and you appear as a knowledgable overall. Make sure that your articles carry value for the readers otherwise they can backfire.

So, these are the 15 tips on how to improve your LinkedIn profile. By making your LinkedIn profile stronger, you will be able to unlock the full potential of this great social network. Good luck!

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