How to Create a LinkedIn Profile


In this article, we will outline how to create a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is an online platform that connects people with job experience to appropriate employers. In a way, it is the Facebook of the job industry. LinkedIn allows users to create a profile that outlines their job experience and to build a personal brand. By having their professional profiles visible online, employers and potential employees can construct a network that connects them to various employment opportunities.

How to Create a LinkedIn Profile
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In the constantly transforming technological world of today, where job requirements are constantly shifting, LinkedIn provides a one-of-a-kind service for users. By transposing professional networking onto a social media platform, users can deepen their connections within their relevant industry. Furthermore, LinkedIn also serves the purposes of recruiting, news, sales and blogging platforms; keeping users up-to-date on the changing tides of the job market.

How to create a LinkedIn Profile

There are two major steps to creating a LinkedIn profile:

I) Set-up an Account

The first step is to set up a user account. To do this, go to the LinkedIn website and click ‘Join Now’ at the top-right corner of the Home page. To join, all you need to do is provide your email address and create a password.

How to Create a LinkedIn Profile

II) Set-up Your Profile

Once you have created a user account, the next step is to set-up your profile. More so than with other online social networking platforms, creating an in-depth and well-thought-out profile on LinkedIn goes a long way. This will raise your visibility, meaning that the chances of your profile being viewed by job-hunters will go up. In turn, your job opportunities shall increase remarkably.

There are many ways in which you can make yourself more visible on LinkedIn. And your LinkedIn profile should have the following components:

i) Profile Picture

A profile picture is a great way for your profile to have a personal touch. This will certainly make you more memorable in the eyes of your LinkedIn network. You can add a photo by clicking ‘Me’ from the navigation bar and viewing your profile. Choose a picture in which your face is close-up and clear and in which you look both approachable and professional.

How to Create a LinkedIn Profile

ii) Education and Job Experience

Scroll down on your profile page until you come across ‘Education’ and ‘Experience’. Here you can edit and add the details of your educational and job experiences. This will allow you to connect easily with people connected to those institutions. Try to be detailed about the type of job experience. You can use the description box to your advantage by outlining your experience and the skills you have acquired.

How to Create a LinkedIn Profile

iii) Invitations to Connect

To view your connections go to ‘My Network’ from the navigation bar. This page displays profiles of people you may know. LinkedIn uses your email contacts and educational/experiential information to link you to possible connections.

If you see someone you know on this page, invite them to connect with you. Once they accept, they will become your ‘first-degree connections’. Furthermore, the people who they are connected to will become your ‘second-degree connections’. In this way, you can expand your online professional network and consequently make your profile more visible.

How to Create a LinkedIn Profile

iv) Follow Companies

Depending on the kind of job experience you have or are looking for, LinkedIn will suggest various companies that you can follow. These are displayed on the ‘My Network’ page underneath ‘Connections’. By following relevant companies you can stay up-to-date with job opportunities. This will connect you to people who work for these companies.

How to Create a LinkedIn Profile

v) Share Content

On the Home page of LinkedIn, you will notice that some of your ‘connections’ share newsletters, videos, employment updates and other posts. From here, you can also share anything you think is relevant to your job industry or to your connections. In this way, you can increase the visibility of your profile through online presence. Just remember to like and comment on other people’s posts just as much as you would want them to do with your posts.

How to Create a LinkedIn Profile

Personal Branding

The greatest benefit that an active LinkedIn user has is being able to manage their own unique value within an increasingly competitive job market. Since the platform has evolved into a fully-fledged social network, users can represent themselves both personally and professionally. LinkedIn encourages you to provide enough information to make your profile visible by search engines. In this way, you can create your own, unique, personal brand, within a competitive hierarchy of thousands of brands for employers to choose from. The ‘Profile Strength Meter’ will tell you the extent to which you have achieved this.

How to Create a LinkedIn Profile

Summary and Conclusion

Once you have completed these essential elements of your LinkedIn profile, you can continue to update your profile and expand your online presence. In the increasingly competitive job market of the modern technological age, LinkedIn has become a powerful tool. It creates a space where employees can gain recognition within relevant employment networks. For anyone who is new to the job market, using LinkedIn to its full potential can truly go a long way.

So, these are our tips on how to create a LinkedIn profile. Check out this article to learn more about improving your LinkedIn profile.

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