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In this article, we will discuss how to write an essay. We will talk about tips for writing a good and impressive essay. Being able to express oneself both fluently yet precisely is a skill which is significant in everyone’s life. The communication of different ideas in writing is a central requirement not only in institutions or working places, rather it is an integral requirement around the globe.

How to write an essay
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Whatever the purpose of your writing may be, it is significant to keep your audience in mind while writing an essay. Ask yourself questions while writing in order to improve the structure of your essay. For example, whether this essay will be understood by the target audience? What impact will this have on the readers? Is the language comprehensible? Have I appropriately organized my essay?. Below are a few important points that may help you write a captivating essay.

(1) Good understanding of the Purpose

Before proceeding to write an essay, the writer needs to have a clear understanding of the purpose. You should be aware of the audience and the situation. You should also fully know about how you should begin your essay, then prolong with the same idea. Therefore, anything ambiguous should be avoided.

The information provided in the essay should not be inappropriate. Moreover, irrelevant or partial information is also not appreciated.

(2) Write about something you know about or you can relate to

You should only write about things regarding which you have some prior knowledge. When writing an essay on something about which we know little or nothing at all about may confuse the readers.

Writing an essay becomes easy, yet an enjoyable process when the writer can either relate to or know about the relevant events. When his facts are clear, the story does not lead to some other direction. This will also ensure that the essay began and ended revolving around a similar topic.

(3) Start your essay in an intriguing manner

Begin your essay with a catchy phrase, a fascinating dialogue, an anecdote or a bullet-lead opening. This would intrigue the reader right from the beginning. Usually, a boring start results in readers not wanting to read the essay further. Therefore, make the opening paragraph of your essay as interesting as possible.

(4) Focus on a single event or experience

Focus on only one experience when writing an essay. Often, when too many experiences are jotted down together, the readers get confused. Writing about a number of experiences or events which do not even relate to one another leads to an unsatisfactory essay.

(5) It is not what is happening that is important, rather the way it has been told

Certain times, we may come across people who might have a thrilling story to narrate, however, their manner of narration may result in weariness. Other times, a story might not be fascinating, however, the narrator narrates it in such a way that makes it applauded by the audience. Thus, one’s manner of narration is a key component for a thriving essay.

(6) Make paragraphs

Divide your essay into different paragraphs. If a new event has to be described, start off with a new paragraph. If you want to create suspense in your essay, paragraphing is the best technique. Leave the previous paragraph with a certain idea which would want your audience to read further.

Moreover, dividing your essay into paragraphs will make it look organized. However, it is important that the paragraphs should relate to one another.

Every paragraph should begin in a fresh manner. Before starting another paragraph, you can leave a line before it.

(7) Use a variety of vocabulary and avoid repetition

Using different words shall make an essay more enjoyable to read. It is true that not the story itself, rather the way it is written fascinates the readers. English is a language rich in synonyms, having a wide range of vocabulary that can be utilized to convey meanings for writing an impressive essay. Therefore, a person should use a variety of vocabulary and avoid repetition of similar words or phrases.

(8) Your story must have a point and should revolve around the topic sentence

In the first paragraph, we usually write a topic sentence of an essay. It is the sentence that conveys the central idea of an essay. A person when writing an essay should make sure that all the paragraphs should not only relate to each other but the topic sentence as well.

Moreover, one’s story or an essay should have a relevant viewpoint. It should consist of an appropriate idea or a viewpoint which can be portrayed or reflected within the topic sentence of an essay.

(9) The ending should not be hasty or abrupt

The ending should be clearly written. It should not convey a sense of incompleteness. While concluding your essay, keep in mind that this is the last chance to persuade your audience. Moreover, the impact of one’s conclusion is the last impression which stays in the minds of the readers. Therefore, it should be well written with the viewpoint clearly defined.

(10) Check for the punctuation, grammar, spellings or tense after finishing writing

Never forget to read your essay in the end. Go through your essay thoroughly and check for any spelling mistakes, punctuation errors or grammatical blunders. It is always good to revise your work before handing it in.

So, these are the tips on how to write an essay. Check out this article on how to write a business letter.

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