How to Create a Facebook Page


In this article, we will discuss how to create a Facebook page. A Facebook page is a public web-page created for businesses, brands, causes, services, celebrities and other organizations. Due to the dominance of Facebook in the online world, Facebook pages act as major platforms upon which organizations interact with followers. Unlike a Facebook profile, Facebook pages gain ‘followers’ who ‘like’ the page. This keeps them up-to-date on the happenings of that organization.

How to Create a Facebook Page
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Whether it is for your product, service, company, band, cause or celebrity-cat, a Facebook page provides an important space. This is where you can interact directly with your fan following. It places your organization within a space where community engagement becomes the key to success. Similarly to how a Facebook profile is used, a page updates users and followers via statuses, events, links, articles, posts, videos and photos. This information appears both on the page itself and on the Newsfeeds of followers.

Creating a Page

Creating a Facebook page is just as easy as creating a regular profile. You cannot, however, make a page without having a Facebook user-profile.

1. Getting Started:

Open up Facebook on your desktop browser. On your Facebook Homepage, look to the sidebar on the left-hand side. From the menu click ‘Pages’ as shown in the picture below.

FB Photo 1

On the page that appears, look to the upper-right hand corner. Click on the icon that reads ‘Create a Page’. If it is not visible you may have to hide the Chat-side-menu on the right.

FB Photo 2

2. Page Details

Facebook will then ask you to choose what kind of page you wish to make based on the categories shown below.

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Click ‘Get Started’ and then proceed to provide the name of your page and the category to which it belongs. For the latter, type a keyword and Facebook will provide you with a list of relevant categories to choose from. Furthermore, depending on the category, Facebook will ask for the street address, country and phone number for your business.

FB Photo 4

3. Contract

As shown in the picture below, Facebook mentions that when you create a Facebook page, you are agreeing to the ‘Pages, Groups and Events Policies’. This may appear to be a simple step but the implications are important. Before clicking ‘Continue’, you must make sure that you are at least somewhat familiar with the terms and conditions that apply to Facebook pages.

FB Photo 5 Create a page

According to these policies, your page must not partake in illegal or deceptive business practices. You must be authorized to represent the brand for which you make the page. Furthermore, your page must not promote gambling, hate speech, discrimination, illegal products and sexually suggestive content. You are agreeing that the content you promote on your page will comply with Facebook’s Page-specific policies. Facebook also reserves the right to suspend your access to your page or delete it altogether.

To familiarize yourself with these policies, go to

4. More Tips

Once you click ‘Continue’, the system will ask you to provide a display picture and a cover photo. At this stage, Facebook reminds you that pages with these two elements attract more followers than those that don’t. Choose photos that capture your brand image clearly and simply. Aesthetically pleasing images are always a bonus as they are usually memorable.

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Once you complete this step you will be taken to your new Facebook page. Now you will go to ‘Edit Page Info’ in order to add a ‘Description’ for your page as well as other important details. The description should be concise and engaging but should also cover the basics of your brand. Other important elements include:

– Categories – to make your page more searchable.
– Contact information – website, email address, phone number.
– Location – in case you have a physical store.
– Hours – in case you are open at select times.

All this information will appear in the ‘About’ section of your page.

From this page, click ‘Templates and Tabs’ from the side menu. Here, you can customize the tabs that are shown on your page’s side-menu. You can do this according to the specificities of your business/brand.

FB Photo 7

From the side-menu click ‘General’ in order to regulate the settings of your page according to your needs. This is where you can decide how visible your page is and how people can contact you. As well as age, country and profanity restrictions and whether or not people can leave reviews.

FB Photo 8

Finally, if you need multiple people to manage your page, you can go to ‘Page Roles’ and add users. There are several roles available.

FB Photo 9


Facebook has become the leading online social platform worldwide. If you have a brand, company, skill or business that you would like to promote, it must be visible on Facebook. The visibility of brands on Facebook is a necessary means to connect with potential consumers. Through marketing techniques, social engagement and Search Engine Optimization your brand can connect with its target audience through Facebook.

So, this is how you create a Facebook page. Check out this article about how to create a LinkedIn page.

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