How to Create a LinkedIn Page


In this article, we will learn how to create a LinkedIn page. As many people know, LinkedIn is an online platform that connects employers and businesses to potential employees. In other words, users have the chance to expand their professional network online via LinkedIn. However, this is not the only service that LinkedIn provides. If you own a business, a company or an institution, you can create a LinkedIn page for that organization in order to further its reach. Creating a space for your company, service or institution online can certainly have many benefits.

How to Create a LinkedIn Page
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These pages are also known as LinkedIn company pages. In the internet-centric, technological age of the modern-day, company pages can help build brand awareness. LinkedIn pages provide a great platform to promote your services to customers and potential prospects. In this way, you can use your LinkedIn page as the voice of your company. Furthermore, given that most people within the job market have their professional profiles on LinkedIn, a LinkedIn page for your company is key to interact with those people directly.

Creating a Page

1. Getting Started

In order to create a LinkedIn company page, you must first have a LinkedIn user account. On the Home page of your LinkedIn account click the ‘Work’ icon in the navigation bar at the top-right corner.

Work Tab

A side menu will then appear from which you should then click ‘Create a Company Page’

Create Page

LinkedIn will then give you a number of options of the type of company page you would like to create. This will depend entirely on the kind of company you own. There are four possible options as shown in the picture below.

LinkedIn Page Type

2. Company Details

Once you have selected your company type you will be asked to fill in the details about your company. These details include:
–  Name of your company
–  Website URL
–  The industry you belong to
–  The size of your company in terms of the number of employees
–  The type/category whether it is Private, Non-profit, Self-employed or Government agency, etc.
–  Your brand logo
–  Add a tagline

3. Contract

On this page, you will also be asked to verify that you are authorized to act on behalf of the company. Check the verification box if you are. If you are not, however, you are not permitted to create a page for the relevant company. This might appear to be a deceivingly simple step, but the implications are important. Checking the box means that you have read and/or agreed to LinkedIn’s terms and conditions.

LinkedIn Terms and Conditions

According to these terms, by creating a LinkedIn page you agree to enter into a legally binding contract between LinkedIn and your organization. This is why you must have the authority to act on behalf of the organization you are representing. Furthermore, you are also agreeing that you have at least one page administrator and will use the page exclusively for legal purposes. LinkedIn also gains license to the intellectual property which you provide it with and reserves the right to suspend, change or end the business services of your page. To read these terms and conditions in greater detail visit:


Creating a LinkedIn company page for your business, service, organization or institution has many professional benefits. In today’s technological world, organizations have to keep up with the fast-pace at which markets evolve and adapt. Here are some important ways in which creating a LinkedIn company page can benefit your company:

1. Post Job Openings

Through LinkedIn, you can keep people who follow your company posted on job openings. This will expand your reach and increase the number of people that apply for jobs.

2. Share Content

You can use your LinkedIn page to share content that is relevant to the company or to the industry at large. Furthermore, you can post news that might be relevant to your followers.

3. Search Engine Optimization

By making use of keywords on your page you can increase the likelihood of your company appearing in search engine results. This can also come about by keeping your LinkedIn page up-to-date. This gives one’s company an online presence and increased search visibility.

4. Engage with the Community

By keeping the community of followers and potential employees up-to-date on the happenings of your company, you can keep them engaged with the newest products, services, openings and more. In the social-media-centred modern age, one cannot take for granted the benefits of having an engaged community of online followers.

Summary and Conclusion

Like any other page on a social media platform, for a LinkedIn page, branding is the key, In order to reap the many professional benefits of having an online presence for your company, make sure your LinkedIn page is coherent, informative, search-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Make sure to use a memorable logo and banner image and write a captivating brand message. If you follow these steps, you will surely give your company the extra edge that is necessary for modern companies competing for followers.

So, this is how you can create a LinkedIn company page. Check out this article about how to improve your LinkedIn profile.

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