How to Write a Resignation Letter


Not wanting to further continue with your job? Read this article to know the perfect way to write a resignation letter that keeps you in good standing without disappointing your employer. This article also includes a sample letter of resignation that shall assist you to discover the right words to resign from your current job. But, for that, you shall need to wait until you reach the end of this article.

How to write a resignation letter
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Okay, so you just found a replacement job on ‘How To Instructables’ and you are super-thrilled and excited to apply for it. Moreover, on applying, you even get a call from there. Then what? Great! You are excited about the new opportunity. However, there is one thing which won’t excite you. You’d wish to write a resignation letter telling your current boss that you are quitting the job.

It does not matter whether or not you are leaving on good terms, rather what matters is that you should submit a letter of resignation in an appropriate way. And, of course, it should be written in the right format. So let’s begin.

The following points should be considered when writing a resignation letter:

— a statement that intends that you shall be resigning from your job

— mention the position you had been working at

— mention the date of your final day at work

— show gratitude to your supervisor or boss through words since he or she hired you

— write something about your time and experience there

— give the offer to train the person who shall be taking your position

— give well wishes to the company you had worked for

— provide your contact details


Step 1

Write your name in the first line, followed by the address in the next line. Then, your city along with the state zip code should be mentioned in the next line. Lastly, add your email address in the next line again.

Make sure that all these details should be written in a new line. Moreover, adding your email is optional.

Step 2

Skip one line then add the date in a new line. Make sure to mention the date of the day you are actually writing the resignation letter on.

Step 3

Skip a line again, then in a new line write the name of the recipient, followed by his or her title, name of the company, company’s address and finally the name of the city and the state zip code.

Here, make sure again that these details should be mentioned in a new line.

(You can refer to the sample below).

Step 4

After skipping another single line, start your resignation letter. It could begin in the following ways:

— Respective Sir/Ma’am

— Dear Mr ABC

— Respectable Chairman

Step 5

Start off with the reasons for resigning in the main body. This too should begin in the next line. You can divide your main body into paragraphs.

Initially write a brief introduction about yourself. State the position you resigned from along with the respective date about when you shall actually be leaving.

In the next paragraph, include positive statements about your experience at the company and their officials. You may include other positive statements, but keep your resignation letter as short as possible.

The closing paragraph should include your gratitude towards the company officials. You should thank the representatives of the company. Moreover, you can also offer them to train the individual that shall be hired at your position.

Step 6

Sign the letter, add your name below. You may even add your title below your typed name, however, it is optional.


It is important to write a resignation letter when you are quitting a job. A person should definitely write a resignation letter to inform his colleagues about his plans. It is, thus, one of the professional ways to quit a job. Whatsoever the place of your work would be; a school instructor, the salesperson at a coffee shop or an officer at a renowned company, it is necessary to write a resignation letter to your boss or the person you work for. A resignation letter is basically written to officially notify your supervisor that you shall be resigning from the respective job. Hence, someone else might now be needed or hired by the company officials to carry along with your duties and responsibilities.

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Resignation Letter Sample:

resignation letter Sample

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