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In this article, we will outline how to factory reset your iPhone 11 Pro. If you’ve owned your phone for a while, you may have noticed that it isn’t performing as well as before. As you fill up your phone with apps, files, photos and cache, your device’s operating system slows down. This is where a factory-reset comes in handy.

Reset iPhone 11 pro
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Resetting (also known as formatting, master-reset or hard-reset) is a built-in feature on most smartphones. It allows you to erase all information stored on the internal memory of your device. This returns the device to the form it was in when it left the factory. By resetting your phone’s settings, apps and memory, you can fix operating system issues as well as other errors. Every phone has two ways to perform a factory reset. One is through the device’s internal settings. The other is performed using only the buttons.


There are multiple benefits of resetting your phone:

1. Improves Performance

By getting rid of accumulated data and apps, your device becomes faster and more responsive.

2. Removes Personal Data

In case, you need to remove personal data from your phone, you can do so via a factory reset. This comes in handy when you want to sell your phone.

3. Last Resort Solution

Since a reset removes all data from your phone, it is a great last resort for seemingly unsolvable problems. These might include an app that is causing issues, phone crashes, screen freezing and slow performance.


Be warned that hard-resetting your phone does not come without costs. It entails deleting all of your saved music, photos, apps, contacts and files. In order to avoid losing your precious files forever, make sure you back them up.
You can back up important files by saving them to an SD-card, your personal computer or an external hard drive. Another way is by uploading your files to ‘iCloud’ or some other online cloud storage such as ‘OneDrive’ or ‘Google Drive’.

Resetting Your iPhone 11 Pro

As in most smartphones, there are two methods to perform a hard reset on your iPhone 11 Pro:

1. Through the Settings

I. From the ‘Home’ page of your iPhone, navigate to ‘Settings’.

II. From the ‘Settings’ page select ‘General’ as shown below.

General tab - Reset iPhone 11 pro

III. From here scroll all the way to the bottom of the list and select ‘Reset’ as shown below.

Reset button - Reset iPhone 11 pro

IV. From the list that is then displayed, select ‘Erase All Content and Settings’.

Erase all content and settings

V. If your device has a passcode you will be asked to enter it at this stage.

VI. Your iPhone will then ask you to confirm that you want to erase all content and settings. Click ‘Erase iPhone’ once, or both the times, if it asks you to confirm your selection.

Erase iPhone

VII. The device will then display the Apple logo upon a black background with a progress bar. This means that your iPhone 11 Pro is resetting.

VIII. After this, your iPhone will restart itself. Wait for the progress bar to load. You will then be greeted with the familiar ‘Hello’ that your iPhone gave you when you first took it out of the box.


Congratulations! Your iPhone 11 Pro has been reset. Set up your phone by selecting a language, choosing a Wi-Fi network and setting-up Face ID, etc.

2. Remote Reset

In case your touch display is not working, you can perform a remote-reset using the buttons. This is also handy if you can’t access your device’s internal settings for some reason. That is why every smartphone has its own particular way to perform a remote-reset.

In order to remote-reset your iPhone 11 Pro, start with your phone unlocked and on the Home screen.
Perform the following steps quickly and one after the other:

I. Quickly press and release the Volume-up button.

Volume Up Button

II. Quickly press and release the Volume-down button.

Volume Down Button

III. Press and HOLD the on/off Power button on the side. So, your phone will display the power-off menu as shown below. Do not power-off. Keep the button held down.

Slide to Power Off - Reset iPhone 11 pro

IV. Continue to keep the side button pressed down. Do this until your iPhone restarts automatically. This may take about thirty seconds or even up to a minute.

This should successfully erase your iPhone’s content and settings and reset your device. Upon restarting, your phone will greet you with a ‘Hello’. So, continue by setting-up your iPhone 11 Pro as mentioned above.


In conclusion, these are the two ways you can go about resetting your iPhone 11Pro. As we have seen, performing a factory-reset has many benefits for the long-term maintenance of your device. Alternatively, knowing how to do a master-reset is handy in case one needs to do so in an emergency situation. Just make sure you back up all of your important data before doing so.

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