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So you have a kickass How-To Guide in mind. Let’s share it with the world. Write for us.

You’ll get the following benefits from publishing with us:

1. You’ll get exposure as a writer.

2. We will publish the article with your name, short bio and your website/social link at the bottom.

3. It will be something for you to show on your portfolio.

Here are some guidelines you need to keep in mind while submitting your awesome article:

1. The guide must be numbered clearly at each step.

2. You should have some links to prove what you have written is correct. These links are just for us to review and won’t be a part of the article.

3. You must use free images and mention the link to give credit to the owner of the image. Do not use copyrighted images.

4. The article should be typo-free and grammatically correct. Don’t use long complicated sentences and always remember that the goal is to guide people.

5. Write the article in Microsoft Word or a similar word editor with images inserted within the file.

6. The article must not be published elsewhere, not even on your blog.

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If you don’t hear from us within a week, you are free to submit your article anywhere you want.